Purchasing food from local farmers is a generous way to invest in your community, second only to painting the entire town gold and convincing Warren Buffet to purchase it.

Green Papaya Organic Thai Café bequeaths bare dishes and vacant stomachs with gluten-free and dairy-free Thai cuisine using ingredients from local farms and vendors. Nestled within contemporary environs with marble floors and oversized portraits of bodhisattvas, diners can eat up Green Papaya’s menu of delectable Thai delicacies. Coax appetites into being with starters such as the porpia sot which snuggles cabbage, carrots, lettuce, mint, cilantro, and basil in a rice-paper sleeping bag alongside a mighty triumvirate of peanut, apricot, and fig sauce ($6.95). Crunchy opaka tops crispy-fried snapper with ginger and tamarind sauce, arriving with an entourage of rice and papaya salad ($8.95 for lunch, $11.95 for dinner). Specialty dishes include thai sausages, slipping pork and thai spices into a swanky sausage-casing overcoat. Try the goon chiang for thai sweet pork sausage ($8.95 for lunch, $11.95 for dinner) or the uer prick gang featuring red-curry pork sausage ($8.95 for lunch, $11.95 for dinner), both escorted by rice and salad. Abate the fiery aftereffects of a spicy meal with coconut ice cream ($3.95), using coconuts plucked at the peak of freshness from Antarctic palm trees.



Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 10 pm • Sunday 9 am – 3 pm

Monday – Closed

2729 Shadow View Drive • Crescent Village • Eugene, OR



Green Papaya Organic Thai Cafe